Rider Ranch
Welcome to Rider Ranch

We are a 1300 acre real working ranch located just 8 miles east of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. For over 30 years we have shared our ranch with guests and helped make treasured memories from the back of a horse, on a horsedrawn wagon and around a campfire. We invite you to join us for a Family Barn Night, children's birthday party or bring a private group for a wagon ride and dinner. We also offer a beautiful setting for outdoor weddings and large group events.

If you are looking for a guided trail ride or evening dinner ride that we have provided in the past, I am sorry to say that in 2019 we came to a bit of a crossroads in our lives and decided to quit offering those activities.

We invite you to come share our piece of the West, a little bit of our lifestyle and the Western hospitality that we provide.

about our ranch

In this day and age the term "ranch" seems to be used loosely, mainly by those who wished they had one. Rest assured, we truly are a family owned and operated "ranch" on 1000+ privately owned acres plus special permitted Forest Service land. The Rider family has lived here since 1952 and our children are the third generation to work on the place. We raise cattle and horses, manage our own timberlands, and even have our own sawmill. In 1986 we began sharing our beautiful place and a glimpse of our lifestyle with guests. Not only do we hope our guests enjoy their experience with us, but perhaps also leave with a bit better understanding about agriculture (what it takes to get food to their table) and silviculture (forests and wood products). In these times when much of our country's open spaces and agricultural lands are being converted to subdivisions and houses, we strive to maintain our land as habitat for wildlife, pastures for our livestock, a sustainable, healthy forest, and a place for guests to enjoy

Hopefully you can come sometime soon.

Rob and Linda Rider