• No Riding Double

• You Must Wear A Sturdy Closed Toe Shoe & Long Pants
We are a true working "Ranch" which means that some of the features that make us unique and rustic include the fact that we don't have paved walkways. Therefore, at times we have mud and sometimes dust. Please consider this and the day's weather as you dress for your ride.

• Horses To Be Ridden At A Walk At All Times

• Backpacks Are Discouraged

• Riders Must Be Height & Weight Proportional
Please ask about our policy for anyone weighing over 200lbs.

• Riders Must Be At Least 8 Years Old To Trail Ride



(208) 667-3373 • info@riderranch.com
6219 S. Wolf Lodge Creek Road • Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814